Bound By Flame Review – Not the Best But Not to be Overlooked

There are so many RPGs or Fantasy action games coming out nowadays, that any new entry in this genre has to be really outstanding and not just competent in order to take on the popular games like Diablo III and Dark Souls II.

Though it cannot be said that Bound by Flame is of the same level as these games, it still cannot be overlooked. It may first appear that this game lacks a lot of key factors, playing on for a bit longer period of time will reveal that it has got many addictive factors as well.

Its combat is developed in a style similar to that of the Souls series, but its relationship building and character development are more like that of the Dragon Age.

bound by flame

The abilities of all the three class tress-Warrior, Ranger and Pyromancer are fun. One may find that though the game allows to develop his skills to match their gameplay style, they are still limited when it comes to having variety.

Though the limitations don’t seem to hurt much, you may have a strong desire wishing there would be a few more moves as the game progresses. Combat seems very tactical. Simply firing all over the place will fetch nothing but an early death in the game.

bound by flame gameplay

Weapons review

The system of customization allows the players to pick up standard weapons such as swords, hammers, axes and even tailor them to suit specific playstyles. A blade and sword pammel can be enhanced for doing more damage, stagger chance, fire attacks, and much more.

Consumables and traps

Players also have the ability to craft a small amount of consumables on the fly such as traps and healing potions. The traps come in as really helpful during very difficult fights, as they can deal a considerably big amount of damage to your baited foes. Such options increase the flexibility of the game.

Bound by Flame gameplay  and enemies

A two handed sword is what you need if you just want to cause damage to your enemy, while a two handed hammer comes in useful in pummeling your big foes into the ground.

bound by flame review

However, unfortunately, the enemies you will be facing aren’t as exciting or interesting as your allies in the game. After completing half of the game, you will be left with a very strong desire to have more variation amongst your enemies, as you will just be facing a handful of similar type foes for hours.

Though one can argue that to a serious gamer, this will only help him get familiar with their enemy’s moves, to some others this may seem tiring or boring.

A player with a lot of skills doing no blowing or sidequests may be able to complete this game in just about 10 to 12 hours, but this means sacrificing a lot of content in the relationship building, exploration and quest categories.

If you have the right amount of time to dominate the challenging style of combat and for exploring the world, Bound by Flame can turn out to be a solid romp and an adventurous game.